Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dreamweaver March Madness

Hi everyone it has been a while since I posted on my blog. I'm now working three jobs and it kind of gets in the way. Pam asked me if I would be the guest designer this month and I thought it would be a great way to get back to blogging and of course using one of my favorite products Dreamweaver Stencils.
The description March Madness (think outside the box) had me thinking, what is March Madness, for me that would be the fact that I'm teaching 2 classes at the three stores Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley, Scrapbook Island in San Jose and Stamper's Corner in Elk Grove on top of which I'm doing a private class in Tucson and also one in Castro Valley. My mind is whirling. I decided to use a card that I'm teaching in Tucson.

The technique I'm using for this card is Gold Leafing on Metalllic paste. The stencil I chose to use for this card is Feathers (LL394) I felt I should do something Southwest since I will be teaching there. I started by pasting the feathers with Silver Metallic Paste and when the paste was dry I used Palette Stamp and Stick Glue on a Jumbo Dauber. So when the image I pasted with the Metallic Paste was dry I reposition the stencil back over the stencil and tape it down on 2 sides I load the jumbo dauber heavy and then pounce lightly over the image, I then remove the stencil and using my heat gun, heat my image while singing the Row, Row, Row your Boat song 2 times, yes that's right I sing while I heating, it just seems to be the right amount odf time to heat the glue ( you know it ready if your can put two fingers on the image and lift up the card with those fingers) I then placed a sheet of gold leafing on top of my image and used a Lg stencil brush to adhere it pouncing the brush along the edges. Tear away the large pieces of leafing that are excess and the use a rouging (circular) motion to remove the rest of the excess leafing ( i keep all the excess leafing in a tupperware container to use for other projects) and burnish the image. Now the fun part finding the papers to make the image pop. I enjoy doing private classes where I don't have to strictly adhere to having papers that are currently in stock it gives me a chance to use some of the paper's I 've been collecting for years (I'm sure none of you have sockpiles of paper like that , Right?) anyway the paper I used here was a Collection from Melissa Frances and I love southwestern look it has and I also used a bronze stardream paper to add a little more shimmer. 

I hope you all enjoy this card, not sure what next week will bring but I'm sure it will be fun. Now don't forget to check out the post of the Dream Team members to see what they came up with this week.
MAD I tell you! We're all going MAD! That is...MAD for Dreamweaver Stencils! Lol. Welcome to our "March Madness" challenge! Anything goes, and the more outside-of-the-box, the better. This year, we're aiming to play with non-traditional challenges whenever possible. So, break out all of your I-never-quite-knew-what-to-do-with-these-products stash, look at your Dreamweaver stencils in a whole new creative light, and get crafting! Oh, and don't forget to link those creations to the linkytool on the Dream It Up! blog for one of THREE chances to win the stencil of your choice! Need some crazy ideas? Check our "A" team first, and our very special guest designer and Certified Dreamweaver teacher...


  1. Welcome back Georgia! Sounds like your life is madness, perfect for this month's challenge! Wonderful card,love those leafed feathers!

  2. Thanks for joining us today Georgia! Love the gold leaf technique and the feathers that are so trendy now.

  3. Georgia...this is a beautiful creation, makes me realize you are headed to Tucson this safe! Thank you for your work on March Madness today.

  4. Georgia, I love the leafing! I always forget to do that. Check out mine this week.....hint...surprise for you!