Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday's Dream Schemes, Spring is in the Air

Todays post is the beautiful Hydranga Stencil from Dreamweaver. This is one of my favorite stencils. Here I decided to use Black Matte Paste and when it was dry I repostioned the stencil back on, using the jumbo dauber I covered the entire pasted surface with the Palette Stamp and stick Glue. I then used Metallic F/X brushed on with a small paint brush. Here I used multiple colors of blue and for the leaves I used Kiwi and Goldfinch. Take some time now to go to the rest of the dream team blogs and check out what they have created this week.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's day Dream Schemes

Hi everyone...well as you can see my post today has nothing to do with St. Patrick's day although it is one of my favorites. I did how ever need to get a great card made for one of my brother -in-laws birthday. As many of you know a few weeks ago my blog showed my stenciling abilities on a cast that I have been wearing for almost three months, well I finally got rid of the encumberance lst Friday. Because I can now drive again I had about a millon errands to run. So I picked this card to show. I have this beautiful Stardream metallic paper that I used for the card and also the gold layer under the black cardstock with my stenciled image. For this card I decided to use the Moose (LG715) because my BIL loves to hunt. I first pasted the stencil with black matte paste, I love working black on black. Once this was dry I replaced the stencil back over my paste, then using the jumbo dauber and the Stamp and Stick glue pad added a light layer of glue over the pasted area. I them used my heat gun on the glued area about 30 seconds or until you can put 2 fingers on the glue and lift your card. I then added the red varigated gold leafing. Using the Happy Birthday stencil (LM 239) I decided to use Metallic Copper paste to bring out the coppery red colors in the leafing. I think my bother- in law will really enjoy this card.

Now check out the rest of the Dream Teams posts, because I saw some really great posts this week. Don't forget to come back next week to see what we come up with for our next challenge.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Thursday Dream Schemes!

This week we have a colorway challenge, to use brown cream and blue for our card. I think these colors work well for men's cards and since Father's day is just around the corner....well here is what I came up with. I again used the stripe background stencil (LX7002) to make a plaid using Adirondacks Denim colorwash (this is becoming one of my favorite stencils)
While the background was drying I mixed some of the Cocoa Metallilc F/X into regular embossing paste the I pasted the running horses (LL559) onto cream card stock. When that was dry I distress the edges with Ranger distress inks, tea dye. I layered the horses onto to craft card stock and then onto to the Denim plaid background and then layered it all onto a craft card. I'm really sorry it didn't photograph as well as I would have liked it to. Don't forget to stop by the other dream team members blogs and leave a little love there. I look forward to next Thursday when we post again. Hope everyone has a crafty week and don't forget to check out the Dream it UP blog and go to the website to see where you can order these fantastic stencils, Metallic F/X, and embossing pastes.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday's Dream Schemes

With all this rain, I'm hoping that spring is almost upon us. This week is a free challenge week and I decided to try my hand at the Faux Cross stitch technique, this is one of the techniques I've always wanted to do but never seemed to get around to doing. The stencil I used is the Iris (LL516), it is an older stencil but one that I use a lot. I laid down my stencil and taped on four sides then I brushed in a light color for the base of the flower and leaves. I removed 3 sides of the tape leaving my hinge in place and then slid the mesh (you can get this from Dreamweaver stencil also) under the stencil and then added darker color over the areas just based in to create the cross stitch effect. If you have looked at my blog before you notice that I often use tulle for my ribbons, I like tulle because it gives a soft look to the card and doesn't hide the design.
This card is simple and can be used for many different occasions.
Now don't forget to check out the blogs of my Dream Team sisters to see what fresh creative artwork that they have come up with.