Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dream Scheme Thursday

Wow it's Thursday already, I just woke up and realized that today is Thursday. I'm off a day somewhere, Oh well here is my creation for this week. This is the new stencil apron that Lynell just released this week I really think this stencil is fun. Can't you just see doing a kitchen themed bridal shower using this apron. This card was done by first stenciling with a light tan ink then using a shade darker ink using the faux cross stitch technique going over the lighter color. I then found a piece of paper with a small all over design and trace the stencil and did some paper piecing. I glue the apron onto a dark brown paper and cut out just leaving a small edge to make it pop. Imagine this done in the bride's colors or your favorite colors.
Well now that you have seen my creation check out the creations of the rest of the dream team and see what they came up with this week. See you all next Thursday.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday's Dream Scheme_ Sketch Challenge

Hi it's Dream Scheme Thursday and this week we have a shetch challenge from Lee Kellogg. My computer still doesn't want to grab the sketches but you will see the sketch on all the other design team blogs. Here is my creation. while all my fellow drem team members have been thinking about Easter, I have been thinking Man Cards, this is probably do to the fact that I have a class coming up that is entitled MAN Cards.
For this card I used the New Age Celtic stencil (LL380) and I pasted with Metallic Gold Paste.
When the paste was dry, I repostioned the stencil over the image and using the jumbo dauber and Palette Gluepad I stippled the entire image with the glue. I removed the stencil and heatedthe glue for about 30 second or until you can pick the paper up with two finger pressed against the image. If the glue is still to sticky heat a little longer. I then carefully placed a sheet of Variegated Green Leafing over the image and then using a gentle stippling motion and a 3/4 inch stencil brush stippled lightly over the image (you will be able to see the image as you stipple). after you get that done use a circular rouging motion to remove the excess leafing ( I always use a folded paper for file folder underneath so I can collect the extra leafing which I will use for other projects.) If you have an area that doesn't leaf reapeat the process.
Because I have an abundance of metallic paper I decided to use a torn paper technique for the bottom of the card. I added a cord and knot of waxy floss for an accent. Everything ecept the paper and waxy floss is available from Dreamweaver stencil. Now go check out the rest of the teams blogs for somemore creative ways to use your Dreamweaver products, and don't forget to check out the Dream It UP blog for a lesson on Zentangling. See you next week, thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dream Schemes Thursday: Color Challenge Teal and Yellow.

Today's challenge was to use teal and yellow, two of my favorite colors. I used pale yellow card stock to start. I decided to use the spider mum stencil(LJ 892) I really like this stencil and I don't use it enough. Using regular paste mixed with Goldfinch Metallic F/X I pasted the mums. Then when the paste was dry I repositioned the stencil and daubed Palette Stick and Stamp glue over the entire pasted image. Using Kiwi and Goldfinch I added the F/X lightly over the image to make it sparkle. The ribbon is teal flourish's from Creative Impressions. I layered the image onto teal cardstock and then onto the printed cardstock from Bo Bunny Press. Now go onto the rest of the teams blogs anad check out the creativity there and don't forget to come back next week to check out our next challenge. Have a great week Happy Creating.