Thursday, October 4, 2012

Festively Fall -Week 1

This month's theme is Festively FAll which leaves you open to al sorts of interpretations,  What's your favorite thing about Fall? Mine is the crisp morning air, however I live in the Bay Area and we are having a mini heat wave so I guess I'll be waiting a few more days for those crisp mornings. Last week I forgot it was Thursday and forgot to post so this week I'm posting to cards. I'm using the same stencil for both, The Leaf Icons( LL471) this is one of my favorite stencils I use it a lot, it great for so many different techniques.

 The first card was done using Color Solutions Alcohol ink (pumpkin, paprika red, Creme brulee and darkest brown) on a felt pad with some thinner. I place a drop of each color on the felt applicator pad and then added a drop of thinner and pounced the color onto glossy card stock and let it dry which does not take much time. I set that aside. I stenciled the Leaf Icon onto an acetate card with glossy black paste and set Aside to dry for the rest of the night (it takes glossy paste longer to dry then the other pastes and on acetate it takes even longer , since I can't seem to keep from touching it to see if it's dry, so I put it in another room and go onto something else)

This card was done with the same Color Solutions but using a different method. I first paste embossed the Leaf Icons with gold metallic paste and let it dry. I then repositioned the stencil over the image and using a felt applicator with the alcohol inks in the same manner as above pounced over the gold metallic paste allowing a little of the paste to show through.
If you have any questions leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer your questions. Now just as last month there will be two winners of our challenge and you will get to pick a stencil of your choosing, so get to creating and link to Mr. Linky on the Dream it UP blog or e-mail a picture to 
Happy stencilling,see you next week.


  1. wow Georgia...these cards are beautiful. And the colors certainly say "Fall is here" The glossy black looks good just by itself on that striking background.

  2. Two beautiful cards Georgia! That is one of my favorite stencils too! I understand about touching too soon, I do that, then you have sculpted paste!

  3. I am soooo enjoying the fall theme this month! Bring on a cool, crisp fall! Wonderful cards to get in the mood with.

  4. Great Autumn cards! My husband is crazy about your banner...He really likes that old radio in the

  5. Pretty cards, Georgia. This is what it looks like here in Michigan!